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"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Ghandi

One of Two-- by me

by Brenna

The diamond set within shines with the sun.
It glistens and sparkles and ways a ton.
I stare in amazement as he sets it on my finger.
While kneeling on the sand like a wartorn soldier.

The seagulls dance through the clouds in the sky.
And the waves splash gently on my feet to comply.
His eyes filled with worry of my reply.
What could I say, when I'm about to cry.

It's a big choice to choose between two.
To throw out the other to keep the new.
Both of them I've loved and always will.
but now it's time to climb the hill.

The one I have chosen is the one whose cared.
enough to come up and not leave me standing there.
he's stepped up to the plate and hit his homerun.
now it's time to go home, he knows that he's won.

and as for the other i'm sorry to say.
theres nothing i could do to make that play.
i'll still love you forever and never forget.
it's one or the other, yet in stone, its not set.

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