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My hope in presenting you with the following Friendship Stories is to help you to achieve all of the goals you have set for yourself. I understand that even the small things in life like a little inspiration can go a long way. If I can help you to achieve your dreams, goals and ambitions, then I have in turn achieved mine...

At the end of the school year our grade had a dance.
A special needs boy went up and asked a bunch of "popular girls" if they wanted to dance.
Three girls rejected him and ran away trying not to crack up, but the last one's reply was;
"Okay, but I'm not a very good dancer."
Today, the apartment across the street was on fire.
There's a girl in a wheelchair that lives in there, along with several stereotypical gangster teens.
I just found out that those three young men risked their lives by going back in there to save the girl,
 despite the fact that she lived at the very top floor.
When I started middle school, I was really shy and ate lunch alone every day.
One day, a girl I barely knew came up to me and asked me to sit with her group.
I kept shaking my head and saying it was okay, but she kept saying "I insist".
Because of her, I had somewhere to sit for the next two years.
The night before prom, my friends and I all went to dinner.
They are all tall, thin, gorgeous girls. And I'm not.
A little girl ran up to me, grinning, and said "Cinderella?"
I couldn't stop smiling. She made me feel beautiful.
One time I volunteered at my brother's school's Christmas Fair.
One little boy came up to me and started having a long, subject-less conversation with me for an hour.
My brother goes to a school for disabled children. The boy was highly, highly Autistic.
That was his longest conversation in his life. 
I was reading about a little kid whose mom told him the key to life was happiness.
When he was in school the teacher asked them to write down what they wanted to be when they grew up. He said happy.
They said he didn't understand the assignment. He said they didn't understand life.
Today was my cousins Kaylee's fifth birthday, and a little girl with Dwarfism was at her party.
Kaylee came up to me holding her hand and said,
"This is my best friend Elena, and she can't grow. She's special, God made her that way."
My entire class is planning on going to Six Flags.
Having dwarfism, I can't go on most rides. I told my friends I probably wasn't going to bother going.
One said if I came, she'd go on every little kid ride with me just so I wouldn't be left out.
All of my friends agreed.
My friend told me how she was hanging out with a boy Thomas after school; I figured it was her boyfriend.
While walking to lunch I saw a special needs boy running to her and he said 'What time are you coming over today?'
I am a third grade teacher.
Most kids come in with notes or messages written by their mothers in their lunch sacks.
One little girl's dad left, and her mother abuses drugs.
But her 12 year old brother never fails to write "I love you" on her brown paper bag.
I am a teacher for second graders.
This past week we've been learning about facts and opinions.
I said the statement "You are beautiful." A little girl raised her hand and said it was a fact.
When I told her no she said, "Everybody is beautiful. No matter what, they are beautiful."


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